Hurricane Ida

A look back at the fierce storm that killed over 50 people

Hurricane Ida had a huge impact on the East Coast, from devastating flooding in the Northeast to a ferocious landfall in Louisiana.

At the end of 2008, Hurricane Ida slammed into Louisiana as a Category 4 storm. Robert Ray has been interviewing survivors for more than a year to find out what it's like trying to pick up the pieces. The impacts of the storm reached all over the country, including places more than a thousand miles away from Houston and other cities that were hit hard by the storm.

On August 29, 2021 Hurricane Ida was a Cat. 4 storm, but it turned out to be one of the state’s deadliest on record. On that day, Louisiana saw its second Cat. 4 storm in four years as Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans back in 2005.

The hurricane caused coastal Louisiana to be hit with winds of 150 mph and a storm surge of 14 feet. Island towns, fishing villages, and all other shore-adjacent communities were left in shambles by the storm.

Two years after the storm, Ray returned to Louisiana, which was still reeling. A mayor in Grand Isle told Ray that he was frustrated with the response to the storm but was determined to get things back on their feet."As long as there's one grain of sand to plant the American flag, we ain't going nowhere," Camardelle has said.When speaking about Terrebonne Parish, the director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Earl Eues noted that wind gusts of 150 miles per hour hit Houma County. He spoke on the progress made in his community one year later, with many taking shelter during Hurricane Ida.

More than 15 inches of rain fell in an area that stretched from New Orleans all the way to coastal areas of Alabama.

Hurricane Ida in September 2021 caused severe damage to the coastline of Louisiana. Houses near Grand Isle were destroyed.

When Hurricane Katrina leveled coastal Louisiana, it then moved north along the eastern coast. While it was traveling, it left behind tornadoes and torrential rain. Ida brought rain to the Northeast. The storm produced rainfall rates of 3 inches per hour, especially in Pennsylvania. Eventually, 10 inches of rain fell across parts of New Jersey and New York.

Flash floods in New York and New Jersey, which were caused by a downpour of rain, have been some of the worst we've seen in America this year. These floods have inundated basement apartments and subway stations as well as forced people out of their homes in New Jersey.

Hurricane Ida caused 55 direct deaths, according to the National Hurricane Center’s post-storm analysis. The deaths of 32 people were indirectly related to the storm.

Thanks to The National Hurricane Center, we know that a total of $75 billion in damages can be attributed to Hurricane Ida. This puts it in fifth place on the list of costliest hurricanes to make landfall on record.

After hurricane Ida, there will never be another hurricane with that name.